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No country can come out of difficulties if its basic industry is terrorism: Jaishankar on Pakistan

In an apparent reference to Pakistan, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar on Thursday said no country can come out of its problems and emerge prosperous if its “basic industry” is terrorism.

Replying to a question on whether India will be helping its western neighbour facing troubles, Mr. Jaishankar said terrorism is the fundamental issue of the India-Pakistan relationship, which one cannot avoid and “we cannot be in denial of the fundamental problems”.

“No country is ever going to come out of a difficult situation and become a prosperous power if its basic industry is terrorism,” he said at Asia Economic Dialogue here organised by the external affairs ministry.

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“…If I were to look at any big decision I am making, I will also look at what is the public sentiment. I would have a pulse what do my people feel about it. And I think you know the answer,” he added.

No challenge is as sharp as that of national security

In another event on Thursday, Jaishankar said the image of India today is that of a country that is willing to go to any extent to protect its national security. He further asserted that ‘no challenge is as sharp as that of national security’ and added, “India is a country that will neither be pushed out nor will it allow its basic bottom lines to be crossed.”

The minister was addressing ‘Festival of Thinkers’, an event organised by Symbiosis International University in Pune.

Basic Industry

“In the last few years, we have been tested for a long time on our western border. I think things are a little different now and everyone will agree. Few things had happened in 2016 and 2019 and we have been tested and we are being tested on our northern borders,” he said.

How India comes through this test will show our ability to stand up, Jaishankar said. “We have today the image of the country which is willing to do what it takes to defend its national security. It (India) is a very forbearing country, a patient country, it is not a country that goes around picking fights with other people, but it is a country that will not be pushed out. This is a country that will not allow its basic bottom lines to be crossed,” he said.

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