After Qatar, Iran Summons Indian envoy over remarks on prophet

The Nupur Sharma statement on Prohet Mohammed had garnered international anger and resentment, as authorities in Iran & West Asian countries have summoned the envoy from India to lodge complaint.

The latest to join the wagon is Iran. Local media reported that Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned the Indian ambassador to Tehran over what state media called “insult against Prophet of Islam in an Indian TV show”. 

Here are 10 big points to this Iran story

-Ahead of the Iran Foreign Minister’s first-ever trip to Delhi next week, The Indian envoy to Iran was summoned over what state media called “insult against Prophet of Islam in an Indian TV show”


-The Indian envoy expressed “expressed regret & said any insult against Prophet of Islam is unacceptable & this doesn’t reflect the position of Indian government, which has shown utmost respect for all religions.” The envoy further mentioned that Nupur had been suspended from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and that she held no governmental position in India, after he received the “Iranian nation and government’s protest over the insulting remarks”

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The State of Kuwait also summoned the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait on June 5 to express absolute contempt and lodge an official letter of complaint against Nupur Sharma

-Earlier, Qatar foreign ministry summoned Indian ambassador Deepak Mittal and handed him an official note, expressing disappointment and total rejection and condemnation of controversial remarks made against Prophet Mohammed by BJP officials Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal

-India replied to Qatar that controversial remarks against minorities are views of fringe elements and not the of the Government. “In line with our civilizational heritage and strong cultural traditions of unity in diversity, the Government of India accords the highest respect to all religions. Strong action has already been taken against those who made derogatory remarks,” said the spokesperson of the Embassy of India in Qatar.

BJP suspended spokespersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal from the party’s primary membership following their controversial remarks

-Jindal, who heads BJP’s Delhi media, had posted a tweet about the Prophet, but later deleted it. The BJP in its order said that his views on social media vitiate communal harmony and are in violation of its fundamental beliefs.

-BJP earlier in the day issued a statement, asserting that it respects all religions and strongly denounces insults of any religious personality

-Later, Nupur Sharma issued an apology for her statement. “I have been attending TV debates for the past many days where our Mahadev was being insulted and disrespected continuously. It was mockingly being said that it is not Shivling but a fountain. The Shivling was also being ridiculed by comparing it to roadside signs and poles in Delhi,” BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s statement says.

I could not tolerate this continuous insult and disrespect toward our Mahadev and I said some things in response to it. If my words have caused discomfort or hurt religious feelings of anyone whatsoever, I hereby unconditionally withdraw my statement. It was never my intention to hurt anyone’s religious feelings.” she said. 

Clashes had broken out in Pared, Nai Sadak and Yateemkhana areas of Kanpur after Friday prayers when some people tried to force shopkeepers to down shutters over Sharma’s remarks. At least 40 people, including 20 police personnel, were injured during the incident. 

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