Indian embassy issues fresh advisory for citizens to leave Ukraine immediately

The Indian embassy in Ukraine issued a fresh advisory on Tuesday for its citizens to leave the war-torn country immediately by available means. It added that some Indians have already left Ukraine following its earlier advisory issued on October 19.

“In continuation of the advisory issued by the Embassy on 19th Oct, all Indian citizens in Ukraine are advised to immediately leave Ukraine by available means. Some Indian nationals have already left Ukraine pursuant to earlier advisory,” the Indian embassy in Ukraine capital said in a statement.

The embassy also shared a few numbers where Indians can contact for any assistance to travel to the border. The October 19 advisory had also urged Indians to leave the country or not to travel to Ukraine in view of the deteriorating security situation and escalation of hostilities.


The fresh advisory came in the wake of Russia’s claim that Ukraine was preparing to use a “dirty bomb” on its own territory. The claim has been dismissed by Western and Ukrainian officials as a pretext for escalating the war.

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In recent weeks, Russia has bombed several Ukrainian cities ever since President Vladimir Putin announced a “partial mobilisation” of men to fight in the east European nation in response to a huge blast in Crimea that Moscow blamed Kyiv.

Putin had now said the country needed to speed up decision-making in relation to the military campaign in Ukraine. The defence ministry said earlier that its forces had repelled Ukrainian attacks in the southern Kherson region and eastern Luhansk region of Ukraine.

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