IAF Shares Details For Recruitment Process Under Agnipath Scheme | Key Points To Know

Explaining the new Agnipath scheme, protest over which are continuing for the last 4 days, the Indian Air Force on Sunday shared details of the recruitment process under the Agnipath scheme, scheduled to start from June 24, for the recruitment of youth into the Indian Armed Forces. The document shared by the IAF highlights various aspects of the scheme, including eligibility, educational qualification, medical standards, assessment, leave, remuneration, and life insurance cover, among many other factors.

According to the IAF document, since the recruitment is also open for persons below 18 years of age, the enrolment form will be signed by the parents/guardian of the minor aspirants. Meanwhile, the Agniveers, above 18 years of age, will formally sign the enrolment form accepting all the terms and conditions of the Agnipath scheme.

“Post the period of four years, each Agniveer will go back to the society, based on organisational requirements and policies promulgated by the IAF,” the IAF document said, adding, “Agniveers will not have the right to be selected for further enrolment into the Armed Forces. Selection will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the government”.


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Details of the recruitment process under the Agnipath scheme for IAF Agniveers:

– IAF Agniveers will wear a distinctive insignia on their uniform during the period of engagement.

–  The IAF will maintain a centralised high-quality online database of Agniveers. Skills attained by the Agniveers will be recorded and assessed.

– Agniveers will be entitled to honours and awards.

– IAF Agniveers will get 30 leaves per year and other sick leaves based on medical advice.

– Individuals enrolled under this scheme will be paid an Agniveer package of Rs 30,000 per month with a fixed yearly increment. Apart from this, dress and travel allowance will be paid for risk and hardship.

– A dedicated Agniveer Corpus Fund will be created which will not lapse. Each Agniveer will contribute 30 per cent of this income to this fund. The government will provide an interest rate equivalent to the Public Provident Fund.

– Agniveers will not be released at their own request before the completion of four years, except in exceptional cases, with the approval of the competent authority.

– After four years, Agniveers will be eligible to receive the Seva Nidhi package which will be the accumulated amount of their monthly contribution to the corpus fund plus the government’s contribution with interest. This will be exempt from income tax.

– If Agniveers exit the service before their engagement period at their own request, they will only receive the Seva Nidhi package consisting of their own contribution.

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