Viral flu

Hyderabad hospital on alert as over 600 viral flu cases reported per day

A hospital in Hyderabad reported more than 600 cases of viral flu last week. According to the Superintendent of Government Fever Hospital, Shankar, said, “Here at the Government Fever Hospital we got around 600 to 800 cases per day in the last week”. The patients are reporting symptoms like runny nose, headache, body pains, abdominal pain, vomiting, and loose motions.

The hospital’s superintendent is assuming that it could be swine flu. He told ANI news agency, “Swine flu is an old disease which we have been suffering from for the last 15 years and many people are already vaccinated”. Shankar mentioned viral flu cases have been increasing for the last week but Covid, Dengue and Chikungunya cases are almost zero.

Shankar also stated that Oseltamivir tablets are given for swine flu and are already available in all government hospitals. It is also available in medical shops and private hospitals.

 viral flu

He said, “People are getting it now because it’s highly contagious and it is an airborne disease. So when one family member gets this, it easily spreads to other family members. ICMR has already given guidelines in this regard. There is nothing to worry about. Everybody should wear masks in public places, wash their hands frequently and maintain social distancing.”

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“Generally viral fever will subside within one week. If it’s more than one week, it’s not a viral fever. Swine flu cases are mostly seen in November, December, and January as the temperature is low. Once the summer season starts, the virus cannot survive,” he added.

“During summer, we get other types of cases of water-bound diseases and gastroenteritis. Other diseases we get are typhoid cases because of water contamination and food. We are also getting other infections like chicken pox cases, diphtheria cases, measles, and others. The cases are admitted, isolated, and treated accordingly,” Shankar said.

The Superintendent further stated that in regard to viral flu, they got around 800 to 1000 cases on Monday. He said, “All are OP cases. We are not admitting any of the cases but only symptomatic support. If it’s more serious we give antibiotics otherwise just paracetamol.

Using antibiotics unnecessarily is not advisable. If the patients are young, elderly patients, patients having heart problems or kidney problems, transplant cases, or asthma patients, they should be monitored carefully. Pregnant ladies also should be careful as sometimes swine flu cases in pregnant ladies might result in abortions and even deaths.”

“The flu shot vaccine is available even now. Everyone is advised to take this once a year. It does not have any side effects. All vaccines might have mild side effects. We have to take some precautions like avoiding handshakes and frequently touching our nose and mouth. Use proper hand wash and wash your hands every time whenever you touch some object,” he added.


Swine flu, also known as H1N1 flu, is similar to regular human flu and is caused by the growth of the virus in the cells of the nose, throat, and lungs.

The major symptoms include fever (with or without chills), sore throat, cough, runny nose/stuffy nose, watering of the eyes, headache or heaviness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and at times, diarrhoea. In the case of children, breathing, chest pain, dehydration, and rarely, seizures may also develop.

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