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German Chancellor Scholz to get ‘personally involved’ in India trade agreement

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Saturday said that India has undertaken an enormous leap which is very good for the relations between the two countries. Scholz said that he and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were committed to making a free trade deal between India and the European Union finally happen.


“It’s an important topic and I will get personally involved,” Scholz said after a meeting with Prime Minister Modi at Hyderabad House in New Delhi. Talking about the bilateral relations, Scholz said he and PM Modi have similar ideas and they have been cooperative and discussing matters.

On job creation, the chancellor said that about 1,800 German companies are active in India and have provided thousands of jobs, adding that Germany also wants to benefit from Indian talent.

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“We need talent, we need skilled workers. The development of IT and software is booming in India and& many capable companies are here in India. India has so much talent and we want to benefit from that corporation. We want to recruit and attract that talent in Germany,” he said.

Addressing the joint conference, Prime Minister Modi said underlined the deep understanding and trust between the two countries. “Apart from being our largest trading partner in Europe, Germany is also an important source of investment in India. The strong ties between India and Germany are based on shared democratic values of each other’s interests,” he said.

“People-to-people relations have greatly improved between the two countries, in the last few years. Today, new opportunities are opening up in all sectors due to the ‘Make in India’ & Aatmanirbhar Bharat campaign. We are encouraged by Germany’s interest in these opportunities,” he added.

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