4 Tips for scoring 90% in the Chemistry

4 Tips for scoring 90% in the Chemistry

Scoring 90%/Chemistry is one of the important modules for competitive exams and scientific subjects. Not just in schools, even in higher education, chemistry plays a crucial role. However, many students find this subject challenging and very difficult to score good marks.

Scoring 90%/Chemistry is one of the important modules for competitive exams and scientific subjects. Not just in schools, even in higher education
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Complicated concepts like Electrode potential, EMF (Electromotive Force), s block and p block
elements, and many others students consider as a nightmare to learn. That is why they need a
certain study plan or a few effective tips that help students in scoring good scores in this subject. No worries, we have bought this guide highlighting important tips for scoring 90% marks in Chemistry.

How to get 90% scores in chemistry?

1.Start with the syllabus first

Preparing a syllabus is an essential tip that every student or exam aspirants need to follow. Not
having the proper knowledge of the syllabus is one of the major reasons for not getting good scores. Hence, jot down all important modules from the syllabus before starting the exam preparation. Without knowing subjects, topics, or sections, you will not know what major topics will come in the examination.

To get the proper syllabus blueprint, refer to search engines, visit official websites of the
examination or education board. Remember, only refer to authentic information sources. Do not rely on regular information or the fake information regarding the syllabus.

2.Focus on vital topics

After knowing the syllabus and exam pattern, jot down essential topics that are covered in the
examination. Do the correct analysis of sample papers and previous year question papers and figure out which topics have the more weightage. Sometimes, there might be more questions from the Specific Conductance topic. If not that, then mole concept, chemical bonding, alkyl halides, thermodynamics, and others are asked.

So, evaluate which topic has more marks, weightage, and significance from the exam point of view. Once noted down all topics, start preparation with test series, curriculum books, sampler papers, and previous year papers. Remember, the more questions you will solve, the better and quicker you will learn all essential topics. Not just for boards, follow this tip in entrance exam preparation as well.

3.Authentic study material

There is much study material available for the preparation. However, due to plenty of study
material, students are entangled in different learning resources. Hence, it is better to opt for the NCERT books, sample papers from authentic publications. If you are preparing for CBSE board exams or the JEE Mains or Advanced, NCERT books are the best study material.

NCERT books are available in print and digital format. If you like the digital format, PDFs are available online. Study them and acquire relevant knowledge. After all, most of the competitive exam questions come from NCERTs only. In order to get good scores in the exam, refer to authentic study material.

4.Make notes and improvise speed

Note making is an essential part of the study. It is because chapter notes summarize concepts in short descriptions. That is why students should prepare notes of every chapter they study. Keep separate notebooks for practice and revision. For revision, keep the time separate from regular studies. It is because revision is important to summarize what you have learnt throughout the day.

Along with note-making, one more habit you can acquire is improving your writing speed. Writing speed is essential from an exam point of view. As there would be a limited time only for attempting all questions. So, if you have a good writing speed, the chances of skipping questions would be zero.

Hopefully, you all have understood these tips to score more in chemistry. Follow them and score well!